As we prepare for Amazon Prime’s Lord of the Rings series, we thought it wise to look at some of the most epic characters to have lived in Middle-Earth. This list will concern itself with the beings who walked Middle-earth in the First, Second and Third Age. This is our the true list of all the strongest, wisest and most influential (A.K.A Famous) characters in the Tolkien’s universe.

A special mention needs to go out to certain characters who have not made it onto this list. The brave Hobbits, especially Frodo, are some of the truest, most tenacious, and strong-willed…

Captain my captain

Dead Poets Society is one of my favourite movies.

One scene in particular stands out and will forever be a major theme in my life; and it is how Charlie Dalton chooses a new identity/name for himself called Nuwanda. This name and what it stood for is what grabbed me. It meant a deep, unwavering commitment to the group (his friends all part of Deadp poets Society) and how it made him a different person.

It made him brave and loyal and principled.

Here’s a brief recap on how Charlie chose this name, and how it affected him in the…

Today’s lesson comes from the book The Children of Hurin that tells the tale of the most tragic of Tolkien’s heroes: Turin

This book was released in 2007 and contains a quite immaculate re-composition and expansion on the story of Hurin. The story is originally found in The Silmarillion but with all the additional work available / left behind to Tolkien’s son Christoper it was only a matter of time before we got the “expanded” story.

I loved this book. The story of Turin (son o Hurin) is a sad, brave and complex story with so many life lessons that…

Did you know: The Ring that Aragorn wears through-out all the movies is known as the ring of Barahir. The Ring of Barahir was an ornate silver ring given to Barahir by the Elven King Finrod Felagund (Galadriel’s brother), in reward for saving his life in Dagor Bragollach. This dates back to the 1st age, thousands of years before Sauron, Aragorn, Gandalf and most of Middle-Earth.

“Every day that passes is a precious day lost”

These are the words spoken by Frodo to Sam on their way to Morder to cast the ring into the fiery depths of mount doom. First a bit of context:

We find Frodo and Sam in a pretty dire situation unable to find their way to Mordor or choose the best way to get there. This is already after the breaking of the fellowship and the death of Boromir.

‘I wonder,’ said Frodo. ‘It’s my doom, I think, to go to that Shadow yonder, so that a way will be found…

I often think back to the fellowship that went on the journey to mount doom to destroy the One Ring. The fellowship that was assembled in Rivendell by Lord Elrond. Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Logolas, Boromir, Aragorn and Gandalf. From the 9 of them who do we know suffered the real threat and temptation of the One Ring that Frodo was bearing? We know about Boromir, Gandalf, Sam and other members that were not part of the Fellowship like Faramir and Galadriel.

What about Aragorn?

Was he tempted by the One Ring? I know the movie shows two instances…

Fëanor is without a doubt one of my own personal favourite characters in the Tolkien universe. I already mentioned Eärendil as one of the most popular but there were none that could compete with the wisdom, skill, passion, anger and determination of Fëanor. He uttered these words which stand as one of my favourite in The Silmarillion:

the deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song until the last days of Arda.

Such powerful words from the leader of the Noldor, yet also the cause of so much pain and sadness. It is words to live by…

Frodo holding the Phial of Galadriel

Today’s quote comes from another favorite scene of mine from Lord of the rings, which lead to an even greater scene later on. The quote:

“May it be a light for you in dark places when all other lights go out”

The scene is of-course the gift-giving scene between Lady Galadriel and the fellowship. Frodo was given the Phial of Galadriel. I’m sure he was not aware how handy this gift would come in, and what a spectacular gift this was ! This is no ordinary phial with magic fluid in it that shines bright when you shake it. No…

There is a song being played in the world, a ever ongoing song that can be heard throughout every corner of the entire universe. Every living being either moves to or against the rhythm of this song whether they know it or not. We are part of this song, part of this rhythm. Like an orchestra playing in a majestic opera house performing this song. The universe is the audience. Each of us form a single member of this massive orchestra. Just as humanity is part of one race we are all in the orchestra of life.

We’re each equipped…

Times change and with it I’ve noticed a tendency to monitor the shit out of everything these days. Nothing happens in this world without someone or something somewhere logging data on an event, activity or achievement. Cellphone minutes, data, vehicle kilometers, steps walked, heart rate, calories, facebook friends, instagram likes, website hits, gym sessions tracked, books read, food ate, movies watched, etc. Everything is being counted, logged and tracked and photographed.

I’m no stranger to monitoring things. Being in IT I know all too well that without the proper measurements/tools being applied you wont be able to track progress and…


Spiritual IT Geek addicted to Coffee & World of Warcraft.

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